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Our Product Range:

Brackish Water RO Plant

BRACKISH WATER RO PLANT eliminates the unwanted substance from the water, from a salt level of 10,000 ppm this plant can produce a high capacity of treated water with a lower percentage of rejection compared to Sea Water.

Seawater RO Plant

The most important application of SWRO is the separation of PURE WATER from SEA WATER. The TDS level of the Sea is usually from 28,000 ppm up to 35,000 ppm, depending on the source of the water.

Containerized RO Plant

Supply with high-quality parts and fittings, with high-grade Pumps and Membranes, designed according to the application and desired parameters, and an easy transport system where you can fit or place easily and ready to use the system.

Water Filter Services

Our services products for water filters, Domestic RO systems, Commercial RO systems, Industrial RO Systems, water softeners, Sand filters, Iron filters,s and Air purifiers with the inclusion of various sub-categories within these primary divisions.